Jazz.  The quintessential American art form.  It’s as synonymous with Greenwich Village as it is with New Orleans, Kansas City or Harlem.  It often causes people to write like they’re stuck in a Ken Burns voice-over.  Any Jazz fan worth his salt knows of the “big-name” NYC Jazz Clubs:  The Village Vanguard, Birdland, The Blue Note, Iridium…just to name a few.  But the Village area is home to some other high-quality, less-well-known and more accessible locales where one can catch some of the latest up-and-comers in a burgeoning and constantly evolving scene.  A few places worth checking out in this area:  Smalls Jazz Club, The Fat Cat (very laid back and inexpensive, like hanging in your cool college friend’s basement), and The Cornelia Street Cafe (which has been known on occasion to mix physics powerpoint presentations with their jazz).  Of course, there are more, and if you have some time, try venturing further uptown, crosstown and into Brooklyn, where further musical delights await.  Pick up a Village Voice for the listings or check out an online site like Gotham Jazz.  Happy Swingin’!

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