Welcome to day 2 of CHEP 2012

The second day of CHEP 2012 is upon us and here in the Skirball Center, the first pleneary speaker is Markus Klute from MIT.

Markus Klute – MIT – “A review of analysis in different experiments”

CHEP 2012 Reception

The CHEP 2012 reception was held at Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers Metropolitan Ballroom.



lunch – almuerzo – pranzo – mittagessen – déjeuner – 午餐

Are you looking for the midday meal during the CHEP 2012 conference held here at NYU? Chinese, Thai, pizza, street side food truck? So many choices that I need to decide where to eat in advance.

Good thing there are some blog posts that should help ….

There are also a curated collection of places to eat that have been mapped out for ease of use …

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Good morning from CHEP 2012 at the Skirball Center

It looks that CH 2012 is about to begin.

Michael Ernst delivering openning remarks for CHEP 2012 at the Skirball Center

Michael Ernst delivering openning remarks for CHEP 2012 at the Skirball Center

Barbeque – BBQ – Barbecue

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Appetizer sample plate

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que Appetizer sample plate

Barbeque, BBQ, barbecue, que, or cue … no matter how its spelled, it is great food & is truly an American cuisine. Barbecue has made significant in-roads in New York City by ways of Southern USA transplants & pitmasters bringing their style of cue to the Big Apple within the last 12 years. Read more of this post

Food in NYC: Part 2 – user submitted reviews & restaurant news blogs

Part 2, a continuation in finding good food in NYC & go here for Part 1

User Submitted Review sites

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Food and Restaurants in NYC: Part 1 – internet search listings

There are plenty of places to eat in New York City. The problem is that there are too many places & you might visit a place that does not fit your options (cost, ambiance, cuisine). The CHEP 2012 conference will take place in the West Village of Manhattan and all attendees will have to search and find meals for themselves.

nyc foods

Classic NYC Foods - individual photos by savoreverything.wordpress.com, newyorkcityfoodblog.com, seriouseats.com, carnivoreandvegetarian.com

We will have a series of blog posts in order to simplify & cut through the confusion of eating in NYC. For this post, we have selected three restaurant search listing as an example of how to navigate food choices in the Big Apple. While there are many search listing sites, these are just a few of the better known & reliable sites. These three all allow you to filter your search by cuisine, price, location.

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